Nouvelle version béta de l’excellent émulateur de Commodore (encore!!) Amiga.

– input compatibility mouse switching restrictions added due to stupid Windows « supermouse » features. (Problem happens when you get two or more mouse button clicks from two or more virtual mice when in reality there is only one physical mouse..) Also you can’t just select « raw mouse » because it can have different speed/acceleration than Windows « supermouse » mouse cursor..
– unusable pcmcia sram card emulation. No on the fly card insert/eject support yet. (insert empty sram card before starting emulation = card becomes system ram expansion automatically?) This will be fully implemented after 1.4.6
– new default mapping end+shift+pause/break = IRQ7/NMI
– hardfile info panel didn’t use 2G+ compatible size check
– IDE emulation end of drive check fixed (most block addresses after 2G were detected as past end of disk)
– JIT-mode memory allocation was not disabled in non-JIT modes (68000/68010 and 68020 without 32-bit address space) Caused problems with cartridge emulation and more. (b2)
– GUI aligment/spacing errors fixed (David Walker)
– « Add Harddrive » HD controller select box updates correctly
– « SWIV » undocumented bitplane feature broke in 145b4 (not related to shres changes, just standard code cleanup copy/paste error..)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 16 (3,7 Mo)

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