Un plugin destiné au son dans les émulateurs de PS2. Créé par GiGaHeRz.

[*] Changed the way the ATTR register is handled. Should fix a lot of games, but it’s experimental.
[*] Changed the thread priority of the output modules to TIME_CRITICAL, so that they have the highest possible priority.
[*] Updated to latest and final version of FMod 3.
[*] Changed some parts of register-based (PIO) memory writes to speed up audio streaming writes in RotTK games.
[+] Added DirectSound output module. It seems to work better than all the other modules so I set it as the new default.
[+] Added setting of IRQ reason flags. I didn’t even know that register existed!
[+] Added a new ADPCM decoder based on the old one, but with full-block decoding to try to make it a bit faster.
[-] If running with an older emulator build, the CoreReset feature is executed immediately, without a delay.
This fixes booting problems in bios and many games that were broken since this feature was introduced.

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