Hoxs64 est un émulateur Commodore 64 tournant sous Windows avec DirectX 9 (ou +). Il est encore en développement, si bien que si il manque quelques choses maintenant, elle sera la plus tard (dixit l’auteur) 😉

1) Fixed overlapping IRQ and NMI timing. The Flexible demo part 3 flicker is fixed.
2) Fixed sound noise bug caused by an incorrectly truncated floating-point number.

1) Fixed memory bug in FDI disk decompression.
2) Fixed bug in RTI opcode. Flexible demo part 3 now works.
3) The disk head data line is held high when the motor is off. Startrek game now loads.
4) Fixed CIA PB6-7 bug introduced in v1.0.5.0
5) Reduced sound volumes to avoid wave cropping.

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