Nouvelle release pour ce superbe build dérivé de FBA (le meilleur et le plus propre sans aucun doute), en voici les améliorations:

* Fixed little error when saving screenshots.

* Updated a bit the Auto Monitor Aspect ratio configuration, I verified some resolutions aspects and did the neccessary adjustments.

* Modified the alternative Pause key ‘P’ now it will check if you’re netplaying to do it’s functio correctly.

* Fixed a bug when loading a game and going back to the game selection window, if you don’t choose another game it would crash when closing the window, that was fixed and now there is no problem.


* Added VSync option to the Video menu, this option was always hidden on the config ini and this could make the video look more smoother or accurate with the blitter you have selected (this depends on the video card you have).

* Added Turbo mode to the Video menu, now you only have to press F1 one time to activate it, then to deactivate it you click again and that’s it =).

* Fixed lot of issues in the Game Selection window related to the context menus and the favorites, I finally found a wrong way of using a loop and corrected it.

* FBA Enhanced will now remember the Game Selection window Tabs the way you left it, so if you left the Flyers Tab selected and closed the dialog it will remember it, when you go back to the Game Selection window the Flyers Tab will be selected. This feature work with all Tabs in the game selection window, so now eveything is the way you want each time you open the window!.

* Fixed problems with the FB Alpha Enhanced title and the DAT generation, now I separated the release number and the title so there should be no problem now with the rom managers.

* New Skin / Splash!.
* Added new feature!, Auto Adjust the monitor Aspect Ratio depending on your display.
* New feature! ‘Select directories.Ini’ file located anywhere on your PC.
* New Feature! ‘Configure Directories…’, now you can configure:

– Cheats directory
– Flyers directory
– Previews directory
– Title directory
– Screenshots directory

… you can find the new feature in the ‘Game’ menu =), Enjoy!.

* ROMs Directories Paths & other directories now are saved into « config/directories.ini »
* Now there should be no problems with ‘Unicode’ directories paths configurations.
* Fixed problem with the ROMs Scanning dialog, now it will appear correctly all times.
* Added option to disable the Menus UI Themes.
* Imported ‘Menu UI Theme Select’ from FBA Extras.


* The following romset where updated to match the ones from MAME v0.122:

– dfeveron
– 3wonders
– ffightu
– wintbob

* Added latest update of ‘Meijinsen’ driver by BisonSAS [ThanX to BisonSAS].
* Added latest update of ‘pgm_sound.cpp’ to fix PGM sound (still have some issues) [ThanX to OopsWare].
* Added latest update of ‘d_pgm.cpp’ by BisonSAS [ThanX to BisonSAS].
* Updated Redeartn DIPs and changed default value to the correct region -> ‘Asia NCD’
* Added various updates for the CPS3 driver sent by OopsWare. [ThanX to OopsWare]
* Added SaveState support and palette improvements for CPS-III [ThanX to OopsWare].
* Added fix by OopsWare that solves the palette issues and improved speed.[ThanX to OopsWare]
* Removed CPS-III Settings from the main menu.
* Verified compatibility & updated structures of code in « d_cps3.cpp ».
* Updated « d_cps3.cpp » & « cps3run.cpp » with BisonSAS’s additions.
* Diagnostic Screen enabled in the CPS-III driver [ThanX to BisonSAS]
* Added new driver ‘4 En Raya’ driver [ThanX to IQ_132]
* Added new driver ‘Meijinsen’ [ThanX to IQ_132]

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