Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de calculatrice Ti89/TI92/V200.

- [roms] $2646: screenshots can be copied into the clipboard
- [roms] $2649: use fixed fonts for release and manpage dboxes
- [roms] $2652: removed old GTK file selector because being deprecated with GTK+ 2.12
- [roms] $2653: added accelerator key: F6 in code window
- [roms] $2654: added accelerator key: +/- in memory window
- [kevin] $2656: fixed dirname+filename concatenation for KDE file selector
- [kevin] $2657: fixed build with GTK+ 2.12
- [roms] $2658: dual-click in register window select the whole register value now; re-enabled popup menu (go to address).
- [roms] $2659: mapped both CTRL keys to Diamond & both SHIFT keys to 2nd
- [roms] $2660: added a popup menu with "View _memory" on any debugger window
- [roms] $2661: unified displaying of hexadecimal values (removed '$' and ''0x' heading chars) in boxes
- [roms] $2662: suppress leading zeros like VTi does
- [roms] $2663: some instructions (trap, rts, reset...) was suffixed with .L which is not needed
- [roms] $2664: fixed wrong disassembly offset of MOVEM.L instruction
- [roms] $2665: fixed disassembly of MOVEP instruction
- [roms] $2666: fixed disassembly of MOVEQ instruction
- [roms] $2667: fixed disassembly of ori/andi/eori, addi/subi/cmpi, lea/rts instructions
- [roms] $2668: fixed disassembly of BT.W and changed BT into BRA
- [roms] $2669: added accelerator keys (F1..F8) in memory window
- [roms] $2670: map numerical ENTER key to TIKEY_ENTER on ti89, too
- [roms] $2672: moved UAE disassembler into disasm.c file
- [roms] $2673: unified displaying of hexadecimal values in the disassembler('$', '[' and '==' heading chars); displayed offset as signed values
- [roms] $2674: display "($42,a3),a3" instead of "(a3,$42),a3)" in disassembler
- [roms] $2675: reject computed value [%lX] at end of line rather than in the middle of the instruction
- [roms] $2676: in the bkpts window, the fifth toolbar button (go to address) is not restricted to code
breakpoint any longer; it works on any breakpoint type.
- [roms] $2678: replaced currently selected instruction in code windows by an icon (arrow)
- [roms] $2679: reverted back rev. $2672 (disasm => UAE) and rev. $2668 (BRA => BT)
- [roms] $2680: allow to change the font used in every debugger windows
- [roms] $2681: fixed disassembly of ori/andi/eori, addi/subi/cmpi, moveq/addq/subq instructions in the UAE engine itself
- [roms] $2682: optimized m68k-disasm front-end
- [roms] $2683: fixed "movem.l #$unreadable_mask"
- [kevin] $2685: fixed makeinfo version check in GDB
- [kevin] $2686: fixed longjmp out of gtk_main in the engine in the GDB-enabled version which triggered an assert with GLib 2.14
- [kevin] $2689: fixed relocation of debugging information for kernel-based programs
- [roms] $2704-2710: added debugging dock and option to choose between multi-window and dock
- [roms] $2712: fixed one-shot breakpoints which was not displayed any longer
- [roms] $2713: fixed old bug: the bkpt context displayed in the status bar is not erased when the debugger exits
- [roms] $2718: fixed bug: one-shot breakpoint was never raised
- [roms] $2719: fixed bug: gtk warning when opening popup menu while being in debugger
- [kevin] $2721: don't show Insight's GDB console by default
- [roms] $2722: decreased vertical space between cells to make window more compact
- [roms] $2724: fixed keeping of previous folder with the multiple file selector (e.g. Send File)
- [roms] $2728: removed ugly hack(s) in the code window (no V scrollbar any longer but shrinking allowed now)
- [roms] $2729: fixed calculator window aspect ratio when used with no skin
- [roms] $2730: fixed reloading of aspect ratio from tiemu.ini file
- [roms] $2731: removed annoying tooltip in the calculator window
- [kevin] $2733: fixed pclog_ptr handling not to overflow (fixes buffer underflow crashing TiEmu during long sessions)
- [roms] $2734: memory window uses courier font when no font is selected (restored previous behaviour)
- [roms] $2735: commit font change to all of the debugger windows
- [roms] $2737: added accelerator keys to toggle sr flags in the regs window
- [roms] $2738: register window uses courier font when no font is selected (restored previous behaviour)
- [roms] $2744: (try and) fix bug about management of AI3 on HW2 under TiEmu
- [kevin] $2750: made the "Clear RAM?" dialog box for "Reset calc" more intuitive
- [kevin] $2753: added support for the alternate (KDE/M$) button order

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