MagicEngineFX est un émulateur de Nec PC-FX, il ne nécessite aucun bios pour fonctionner.

– fixed the second player problem in Battle Heat
– fixed a few bugs in the MJPEG emulation, this fixes glitches in ‘Chip-chan Kick’, ‘All Japan Female Pro Wrestling’, ‘Return to Zork’, and may be a few other games
– fixed the missing layer in ‘Princess Rolfee’
– fixed the darker screen problem in ‘Miraculum’
– removed a change introduced in v1.0.1, this fixes ‘Last Imperial Prince’ and ‘Nirgends’ crashing bug
– improved the OpenGL driver, the ‘ARB_render_texture’ extension is not required anymore, if it’s present it will be used but if this extension is not available a work-around will be used instead
– rewritten the CD-ROM driver, now both SPTI and ASPI are supported at the same time allowing more drives to be recognized
– improved the ‘boot CD’ menu, games titles are now displayed directly in the menu when a game is recognized
– added an eject button in the ‘boot CD’ menu
– fixed a memory bug that could crash the emulator
– added more resolution choices for the fullscreen mode, low resolutions are now supported too
– implemented back the custom resolution modes, you can choose them from the pcfx.ini file
– improved program startup, the emulator will now starts directly in the selected screen mode, it won’t display a blank startup window anymore

La version complète est vendu 15 euros (mises à jour incluses) et le pack MagicEngine + FX (regroupant tout les systèmes Nec existant de l’époque) est vendu 22.50 euros, vu la qualité absolument excellente de l’émulation, tout fan se doit d’acheter la version complète !

Télécharger Magic Engine FX (Demo) 1.1.1 (1,3 Mo)

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