Nouvelle version de ce bon émulateur de Sega Saturn dont voici les changements:

– Fixed a couple of bugs with Netlink emulation.

cd block:
– Tweaked error handling for cue files so it’s more helpful to the user.

– Fixed a bug in DSP MVI instruction.
– Fixed a bug with DSP Program Ram Address.
– Fixed ALU behaviour on NOP.
– Other bug fixes.

– Fixed a bug where coefficient reading wasn’t making sure reads weren’t
going out of bounds.
– Tweaked frame-skipping so it only skips if frame time is faster/slower
than a 1/2 a frame. The results are much better now.
– Added general VDP2 debug info functionality.
– Added partial end code support to VDP1 texture debugging.

opengl video core:
– Fixed a bug in 16 BPP sprites where pixels 0x0001-0x7FFF weren’t
transparent when transparency was enabled.

gtk port:
– Redesigned the window so each part can now be resized.
– Added a toolbar and removed the buttons.
– The sprite list now displays texture thumbnails.
– Added tooltips to « run » and « pause » buttons.
– Redesigned VDP2 debug window.

windows port:
– Fixed a bug that was causing Yabause to crash when run for the first time.
– Added screen capture.
– Reworked Input dialog so it’ll allow for more than one peripheral(in the
– Added a bunch of tools tips for basic and input settings.
– Fixed a bug that was causing wrong VDP1 command information to sometimes
be displayed.
– Other bug fixes.
– Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong breakpoint to be removed from the
breakpoint list.
– Text length is now limited correctly in breakpoint edit text controls.

– Tweaked memory breakpoints so that regardless of whether you’re using
cached or cache-through addresses variations of an address, it’ll still
detect and break when the memory is accessed.
– Other bug fixes.

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