Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame.

* Added video ‘none’ to the video dropdown. The console will always be visible in this mode.
* Added the option to keep the console open. MAME Player won’t return until this is closed.
* Added ‘Seconds to run’ to misc. options.
* Fixed last selected set not moving to the setlist’s visible area immediately after loading the
application. This only happened in ‘List’ mode, e.g. not ‘Details’ or ‘Icons’.
* Removed double clicking flyer to play as it sometimes unselected the selected game.
* Fixed joystick select being enabled after closing dialogs, whoops.
* Fixed history.dat data not updating until next run, when selecting a new MAME executable.
* Added driver options to set menu.
* Changed error message when a startup video can’t be played, e.g. missing codec.
* Fixed above error message showing again on restart of MAME Player.
* Added ‘Ghost clone set icons’ to preferences.
* History, picture and statusbar info now change when scrolling through the list with joystick.
* Fixed issues with running on Windows with anything other than English language (double whoops – thanks smoke-x for pointing this out and testing).
* Added dropdown to select your joypad’s joyid for joystick selecting.

Télécharger MAME Player 1.10.5 (185,9 Ko)

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