Nouvelle version béta pour ce très bon émulateur de Nintendo NES.

– Fixed joystick support and modified the config window.
– Fixed an obscure bug, « file doesn’t exist » error.
– Fixed backed battery save/load, it was broken.
– Fixed PPU state loading, somewhat.
– Fixed sprite overflow flag, somewhat.
– Usual optmizations and tweaks.
– Added a new saveblock tagged as PTB1, extended PPU savestate.
– Added a new saveblock tagged as CPU1, extended CPU savestate, fixes loading errors.
– ROM patching dialog improved.
– Config file slightly changed for accuracy.
– The program can run in background now, sweet.
– Fixed video refresh rate to be 60Hz.
– Fixed sound output and changed from 44100Hz to 22050Hz as default.
– Other fixes I don’t remember.

Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.54 (1,8 Mo)

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