Nouvelles versions pour PinMame (flippers) et ses dérivés.

PinMame/32 v1.58:
– Added support for Stern’s « The Sopranos »

Visual PinMame v1.58:
– Fixed two bugs in PPS-4 emulation (corrects Gottlieb System 1 games)
– Enabled missing drum sounds on Gottlieb System 80B games
– Increased general output volume of the SP0250 sound/speech chip
– Disabled muting option for OKI 6295 chip to produce more output in GTS3 games
– Fixed GI support for all five GI strings on Who Dunnit and JackBot
– Enabled sound solenoid outputs on Gottlieb System 1
– Removed tones from Cleopatra, Sinbad, and Joker Poker (those use chimes)
– Added Zaccaria Ski Jump
– Added Okaegi’s 7-digit conversions of Gottlieb System80 games
– Added the « machinaZOIS » clone of ShaqAttaq, created by a Czech programmer team

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

Télécharger Visual PinMAME v3.0 (22,7 Mo)

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