Nouvelle version de ce manager de roms qui passe en phase de béta test, en voici les nouveautés:

Bugs fixed:
– Added icons in treeview
– Full sample handling (3 modes: split/merge/unmerge)
– New database node grouped by main/clones
– Background color for merged roms
– Move document folder to windows AppData location
– Possibility to change AppData path (path in startup.ini)
– ‘Reload path’: unload and reload a rom path
– Add some infos from dat header in database
– Save screen position, size and toolbar
– ‘Auto resize’ option to automaticaly adjust columns width
– Choice to move delete files/roms in recycler or folder
– Delete file and roms (shell option)
– Change location of statistics colored bar
– ‘Rezip’ added in contextual menu
– Add more infos in status bar
– Log for rezip
– Miss/have games report
– Miss roms report with separated bios, disks, samples, roms
– Caesar info page link
– Autodetect devices (detect a new drive is avail) option
– Improve read only device detection
– File extensions calculated by plugins are handled

Features added:
– Sometimes unable to run mame games (-rp param)
– Change sort order when sorting columns
– Speed up ‘refresh db status’
– Wrong number of files displayed in log when refreshing a path
– Rezip bug with non-zipped files
– Attempt to fix a read only device
– Clear log button
– ‘run game’ shortcut (enter)
– Delete file from treeview

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