Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Super Nes dont voici les changements:

– OpenGL (with hardware filter mode support) and SDL video drivers added to Linux port
– OpenAL (with speed regulation disable support) and OSS audio drivers added to Linux port [Nach]
– SDL input driver (with joypad support) added to Linux port
– Emulator pause option added
– Added option to select behavior of bsnes when idle: allow input, ignore input or pause emulator
– Added support to remap common GUI actions to key/joypad presses on the « Input Configuration » screen
– bsnes will now clamp the video output size when it is larger than the screen resolution
– GUI library has been enhanced, and renamed to hiro
– Fullscreen mode now always centers video, rather than approximates
– Fullscreen mode now works correctly on Linux/Openbox
– Extra layer of abstraction in src/ui has been removed, as GUI lib unifies all ports anyway
– Video, audio and input drivers unified into standard library, named ruby
– All custom headers have been merged into a new template library, named nall
– Makefile rewritten, vastly improved. Allows quick toggling of compiled-in drivers
– Makefile: all object files now placed in /src/obj, binary placed in /
– libco greatly enhanced, no longer requires an assembler to build [byuu, blargg, Nach]
– libco SJLJ driver added; bsnes should now build on any Unix-derivative now (Solaris, OS X, PS3, etc) [Nach]
– Fixed register $213e.d4 PPU1 open bus behavior [zones]
– Windows port will not activate screensaver while bsnes is running [Nightcrawler]
– Visual C++ target no longer requires stdint.h
– And lots more — mostly code refactoring related

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