Emulateur Tandy modèle 100/102/200 écrit par Ken Pettit, Stephen Hurd, Jerome Vernet.

1. Fixed ReMem emulation in both Normal and MMU modes. Memory mapping now consistent with an actual ReMem. Emulation supports only the latest ReMem FW version (64, 65, 66). In MMU mode, both sector access and direct memory access work properly. Also fixed some bugs with the the Rampac emulation.

2. Added configuration page for ReMem Map display and setup.

3. Added support for M10 Emulation.

4. Added breakpoint capability to CPURegs window. Up to 4 breakpoints can be specified and enabled or disabled.

5. Added Remote control interface via sockets. The socket interface is enabled via a command line switch to specify the socket port, such as « virtualt -p 20000 ». The protocol is simple text command and response with async text messages sent for breakpoint and otional screen output messages. See Help for full details.

6. Added serial I/O support under Linux. The current implementation has a few « hard coded » port names in the port list, but allows the user to specify an « Other Host Port » name to specify the serial device.

7. Modified the main emulatin loop so it uses fewer CPU cycles. Previous versions consumed up to 100% CPU cycles causing heat issues and reduced battery life on laptops. Added new Speed menu selections to allow finer setting of emulation speed vs. CPU utilization.

8. Fixed a bug with the emulation of interrupts and with the extended opcode DSUB flags.

9. Added a vt_client project / application to communicate with VirtualT socket interface using a very simple command line interface.

10. Added a « Cold Boot » option to the Emulation menu.

11. Added content to the Help system.

12. Transitioned the Windows development environment to Visual Studio 2005. The project files are no longer compatible with Visual Studio 6.

13. Added a feature to patch the ROM on load to show VirtualT version in the MENU. This can be disabled in the « Memory Options » menu.

14. Added auto detection and creation of missing emulation directories. For new installations, all emulation directories will be created and ROM images copied from the ROMs directory.

15. Patched all ROM images with Y2K fix.

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