Il s’agit d’un nouvel émulateur de Sega Megadrive qui supporte le système de plugins graphiques utilisé par Kega Fusion. La compatibilité est déjà excellente, à suivre de près !

Version 0.2
* Wrote some parts of renderer in assembly increasing speed by about 20-30%.
* Modified FM emulator slightly.
It should sounds a bit more accurate now.
* Fixed sound timing problems with games.
* Due to above « Apply timing fix » option now removed
* Fixed some frontend problems that some users reported
* Fixed savestates. They should load correctly now.
* A few tweaks.
* ScreenShotDir option added to the ini file

Version 0.01
* Renderer rewrite. Most things implemented now.
* VDP rewrite with H/V counter thanks to Gens and Genesis Plus.
* Tatsuyuki Satoh´s YM2612 emulator added.
* DSound added.
* Added PAL timing.
* Improved sync between 68k and Z80. As a result many games
work now but still some sound issues.
* Added « Apply timing fix » option to fix sound in some games
because of interrupts firing too closely. This makes sound
in some games a bit fast.
* Added country selection, domestic, overseas things.
* Some sprite problems fixed. Thanks to TascoDLX.
* Some usual frontend things added.
* Kega Fusion plugin support.
* Savestates support. Loading still incorrect.
* Changed memory handlers from « if »s to « switch ».
* Many, many other things.

Version 0.001 [unreleased]
* Everything is new
* Basic VDP added
* Basic renderer. No shadow/highlight support. No interlace support.
no limitations implmented.
* No sound
* Just enough to make some games work.

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