Créé par AamirM, cet émulateur intègre le filtre NTSC de Blarrg et utilise le système de plugins de Kega Fusion.

* Preliminary SVP emulation added. Thanks to notaz and TascoDeluxe.
Although now Virtua Racer is playable but the DAC won’t run(strange).
* SoundBufferSize option added to ini file. Default value is 7 because
that worked best on my PC.
If sound is skipping try playing with different values.
* DirectInput support
* 6-button pad, Teamplayer, 4-way play, lightgun, sega mouse,
J-Cart support (all preliminary)
* Sonic 3D bonus stage fixed(got broken in previous version)
* Captain planet screen fixed
* Further FM emulator improvements. Sound should be a bit more accurate.
For an example see Sonic 3 Chaos emerald stages as he picks the balls.
It sounds more close to Kega now than previously.
* FM timers fixed in FM emulator. This fixes sound in some games. Thanks to Eke.
* Single line glitches in many games fixed (Road rash 1, 2 etc …)
* Mouse capture/release using F12. This is used for Menacer Lightgun and Sega Mouse.
* Improved syncronization between 68k and Z80. Many more games now work (Super kick off etc…).
* Drag and drop file support.
* Added joypad support. Since I don’t have any gamepads
I can not tell if it will work. It is just based on estimation.
* Fixed Z80 interrupt timing(again). This fixes slow or missing music
from some games.

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