Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
* LibDsk has been added allowing direct floppy access, various disk image
formats DSK, EDSK, TD0, CopyQM, etc. Other disk drivers under Windows and
Unices are also possible.
* Added –side1as0 option to allow disks in LibDsk to correctly read side 1
when the sector header contains side 0. Microbee DS80 and DS40 formats can
have this problem depending on the format program that was used.
* Added a sector size probing option –psec to access protected floppy disks
and edsk images.
* Added emulation of the FDC write track command. Format and Init programs
now work when using LibDsk.
* Added +fdc_wtd and +fdc_wth write track debug output options.
* Model information and drive status now appears in the program’s title bar.
* Added A libdskrc file containing common Microbee formats for LibDsk.
* Re-instated the alpha+ –vdu option functionality. Default is 2K for VDU
memory (no banking), 8K banked can be selected.
* Re-instated the paging of the text output for the –help option in Windows
as default buffers in the console are not large enough.

* Alpha+ VDU colour bank selection issue resolved by defaulting to 2K of VDU
RAM instead of 8K.
* FDC status results.

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