Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-arcades dont voici les changements:

* There was an endianess detection problem in mingw32 since the new savegame
format was added in 0.43.4b. The consequence : savegames were incompatible
between linux and windows. I have fixed this, and added some code to
detect this bug to allow to load the broken savegames in linux…
* history.dat : now handles correctly the long url at start of each entry
(avoid a crash)
* The screenshots directory isn’t hardcoded anymore in the sources for the
game selection dialog (uses the the screen_dir setting of the config file)
* You can finally change the keys for the video layers, just load a game
which uses video layers and then go to the inputs section / Video
layers… (notice that some games must be started before you can configure
the layers, like the cave games).
* Inputs are now reseted when returning to the game, which avoids the
problems when calling the gui while keeping a game key pressed.

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