Nouvelle version beta de cet excellent émulateur dont voici les nouveautés :

– Gayle and Gary CIA select lines work slightly differently, Gayle does not select any CIAs if both CIA select bits are zero (address bits 12 and 13). Gary enables both. Gary-style selection was emulated long time ago, Gayle-style emulated now. (I think ‘select both CIAs’ was only used by some games accidentally and perhaps also used by some copy protections)
– car color flickering in hires mode super skid marks (ancient bug)
– real PCMCIA SRAM card detection really works now
– uaegfx.card updated, now works even if « UAE boot rom » is not in « standard » 0xf00000 location (=CDTV ROM enabled) or disabled. Previos version simply crashed.
– uae boot rom backup location moved from 0xe70000 to 0xef0000 (0xe70000 can conflict with KS mirror)
– jit memory allocation update, should prevent random RTG memory allocation failures
– Picasso96 emulation updates and tweaks
– CPU panel « After RTG » radiobutton removed, not needed anymore
– big filter rewrite (NOTE: OpenGL/Direct3D not yet updated) Settings needs to be readjusted!
+ works more intuitively now
+ scaling does not affect centering anymore.
+ position setting (0,0) = centered.
+ 1/2x scaling factor added
+ « FS » scaling factor added = full screen scaling (obsoletes short lived « full screen filter » setting)
+ user scaling factor (FS,1/2x,1x,2x..) never include filter’s possible internal scaling
+ hq3x and hq4x added
+ onscreen leds are now rendered after filter calculations
+ (some kind of « keep aspect ratio » option needed?)

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