Nouvelle version beta de cet excellent émulateur dont voici les nouveautés :

– uaegfx.card fallback graphics routines fixed (rarely used drawing modes that native C-code « blitter » does not support)
– print uaegfx.card version to log file
– simple RTG scaling support, do not change resolution but scale to fullscreen if display size configured in display panel is larger than requested Picasso96 resolution. Quality is not good, real filter support later. Perhaps.. Mainly useful with games/demos that use very low resolutions. (configuration enable option not yet added)
– « super skid marks fix » updated, previous « fix » broke all attached AGA-mode sprites
– GUI does not get overdrawn in fullscreen when adjusting filters
– timer calibration removed, uses now performance counters only, also checks periodically if counter frequency changes and adjusts to new rate automatically (possible fix for random power saving slowdown problems)
– fullscreen non-filter mode graphics problems fixed
– vsync is working but it isn’t 100% smooth yet (at least on my PC)
– real CD32 rom (391640-03) checksums added to rom scanner
– fixed left and top border RTG hardware cursor graphics problems
– added warning if p96_uae_tweak is detected, it is incompatible with new uaegfx.card (update will be released later)
– filter temporary directdraw surface size restricted to max hardware supported 3D texture size (at least some cards apparently switch to very slow software blitter if size is bigger than max texture size) note that this can restrict scaling range, image simply disappears if scaling multiplier is out of supported range
– « watch » only visible RTG display RAM, should improve performance if program uses multiple temporary offscreen bitmaps
– RTG hardware cursor didn’t always get erased properly when cursor shape was changed
– ROM chip part numbers added to rom scanner data, also added to GUI because not all ROMs have confirmed part number yet. « Non-ROMs » not included, like separate CD32 ROMs (real CD32 has single 1M ROM)
– PCMCIA SRAM on the fly insert/removal fix (again)

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