Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sega Saturn.

– Fixed a timer bug.
– Fixed a bug with mcire word writes.
– Added wave file output core to available sound cores.
– Fixed a bug in total level attenuation.
– Fixed a bug in EG.

gtk port:
– Redesigned memory dump window.
– Redesigned SH2 debug window.
– Other bug fixes.

qt port:
– Added initial support. It should be pretty much on par with the gtk port.

wii port:
– Added initial support.

windows port:
– Fixed a bug where emulation wasn’t paused when save/load state as was
selected from the menu.
– Changed disassembler so it can scroll up and down.
– Tweaked error messages so it doesn’t report invalid opcode errors when
running the fast interpreter.
– Added SCSP common control register debug info to SCSP debug dialog
– Other bug fixes.

– Added a few internal tweaks that should yield some performance gains.
– Added support for saving and loading cheats.

*edit* version française disponible.

Télécharger Yabause (Français) (x86) v0.9.15 (9,9 Mo)

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