Nouvelle version pour ce très bon émulateur de Super Nes dont voici les changements:

* Greatly improved invalid DMA transfer behavior, should be nearly perfect now
* Major code cleanup — most importantly, almost all PPU timing-related settings moved back to PPU, from CPU
* Added option to auto-detect file type by inspecting file headers rather than file extensions
* Rewrote video filter system to move it out of the emulation core — HQ2x and Scale2x will work even in hires and interlace modes now, 50% scanline filter added
* Re-added bsnes window icon
* Added new controller graphic when assigning joypad keys [FitzRoy]
* Redundant « Advanced » panel settings which can be configured via the GUI are no longer displayed
* Improved speed regulation settings
* XP and Vista themes will now apply to bsnes controls
* Added « Path Settings » window to allow easy selection of default file directories
* Tab key now mostly works throughout most of the GUI (needs improvement)
* Main window will no longer disappear when setting a video multipler which results in a window size larger than the current desktop resolution
* Added two new advanced options: one to control GUI window opacity, and one to adjust the statusbar text

Télécharger bsnes [Pragmatic] v0.070 (5,3 Mo)

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