Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST dont voici les changements:

– The user’s configuration files are now located in the directory ~/.hatari/
instead of the $HOME directory itself.
– Improved VDI resolution mode (resolution can now be change in small steps).
– The ‘Frame Skip 8′ option can now be correctly selected, too.
– Fixed some bugs/problems in the GEMDOS HD emulation (with Fopen & Fcreate).
– Keyboard shortcuts for saving and restoring memory snapshots.
– Hatari can now be compiled with CeGCC, too.
– Fixed some problems with the FPU emulation. NeoN Grafix renders now right.
– Writing to floppy disk images works now also with TOS 4.0x.
– A lot of source code clean-up and beautification.
– Monochrome mode now runs in 71 Hz, and 60 Hz color mode now also really runs
with 60 Hz refresh rate.
– Fixed memory snapshot files (some important data has not been saved before).
– It is now possible to automatically load/save memory snapshots at start/exit.
– Fixed some bugs in the file selection dialog.
– Some minor improvements in the GUI: Improved text edit fields, « Cancel »
buttons can now be activated by pressing the ESC key, and Hatari asks the
user before resetting and quitting the emulator.
– The Hatari executable is now relocatable (so the RPM can be relocated, too).
– It’s now possible to enable special trace output with the « –trace » option.
– The size of the borders can now be specified in the hatari.cfg file.
– Fixed Spec512 screen plotting on big endian machines.
– Native screen conversion functions for 32 bpp host display mode.
– Reworked the command line options.
– Added missing read for « clr » in 68000 CPU mode.
– Cycle correct MULU/MULS/DIVU/DIVS in 68000 CPU mode.
– Support for 68000 instructions pairing
– Better emulation of exception stack frame (bus/address error), used in some
– Don’t change illegal 68000 opcodes $8, $a and $c if no cartridge is inserted.
– Ensure ACIA has consistent values when reset.
– More precise interrupt handling, allowing to mix CPU cycles and MFP cycles
with greater precision.
– Various improvements in MFP emulation (stop/start timer without writing to
data register, reading data register, handle pending cycles when timer
« wraps » (i.e. data register reaches 0), …). Supports programs using some
very « fast » timers (Overscan Demos, ULM Demos) and requiring nearly cycle
exact synchronisation with the 68000.
– Mostly correct wait states when accessing sound registers (add wait state for
$ff8801/ff8803 when needed).
– Correct values of cycle counters read & write accesses for the most common
cases used for fullscreen/hardscroll.
– Correct values for Video_CalculateAddress, taking into account frequency and
left/right borders’ state, needed for correct synchronisation between video
and cpu.
– Improve top/bottom border removal, including 60 Hz bottom border, as well as
« short » 50 Hz screen (171 lines)
– Support for all left/right border removal, including 0 byte lines.
– Support for hardscroll on STF, including the most recent ones using 4/5 lines.
– Support for 4 pixels horizontal hardscroll on STF (ST Connexion in Punish
Your Machine)
– Small adjustements in cycle precise color handling (spec512.c)

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