Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les nouveautés:

– Added – Saturation/Contrast enhancement to the Image importer. Now it imports images better in some cases, particularly photos. (LCD)
– Added – Back+Colour method for colour matching in the Image importer – uses the background colour and one other colour per attribute block.
– Fixed – Stepping over a REM statement could cause an Access Violation. (Daren)
– Fixed – Win2k users couldn’t load anything. Rather than use a decent OS, they forced me to fix it. Tch, eh? (Dave, Rafael Molina)
– Fixed – Win2k users got a black toolbar in the SCREEN$ paintbox. (Daren)
– Fixed – In some XP themes, the paintbox canvas would open too small for the current window size.
– Fixed – Image importer bug where greyscale and « Allow BRIGHT » would not play well together.
– Fixed – The SCREEN$ paintbox’s FLASH state indicator would « flash » when changing colours, even if FLASH is not selected. (Starglider)
– Fixed – The LOAD «  » menu item will always use the file requester, regardless of whether or not you have a tape inserted. This does not affect manually issued LOAD commands. (Starglider)
– Fixed – The tape creator window will automatically open if you LOAD «  » from a tape. (Starglider)

Télécharger BASin (Spin Lite) Release 14c (Stable) + 15.8 (WIP) (6,7 Mo)

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