Nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné aux ému arcades (enfin quand ca marche sans bugs):

– Menu theme, font color of selected item was not being applied
– Snapshots not always displayed after image panel was set empty
– Scan for missing icons was not running games in some view modes
– Games list not being correctly sorted (left panel editor)
– Access violations in scan missing/not used icons/images

– Scan for not used images. Only files that are not used by any games are removed

– none

– none

– New setting: « Auto Rename Snapshots to Old Format » / « Delete Files After Rename » (preferences, « Images » / « Categories » tab)
– This will automatically rename snaps from new MAME format « gamename000.png » to the old format used by the front-end « full_gamename0000.png ». Click on the « help » button next to its checkbox for a more detailed info… disabled by default

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