Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sega Megadrive dont voici les nombreuses nouveautés:

– Fixed a problem in sprite masking code. Fixes sprites in Castle of Illsions appearing above the window plane.
– Fixed sprite problems in Contra Hardcops.
– Added preliminary FIFO and its timing (VDP write latency) emulation. Menu in Double Clutch is now correct (but flickers) and The Chaos Engine runs perfect (no flickering on scroll). It was reported by Eke and he also helped in fixing it. Thanks.
– Fixed corrupted games when loaded after Virtua Racing.
– Improved DMA timings (Sonic 3D intro).
– Added 7zip support. Only the first file in it will be loaded.
– Added support to redefine menu shortcuts.
– Regen now remembers last ROM path.
– Rewrote major part of DirectInput code to fix some controller issues. All controller related issues should be gone.
– Selecting a window size now has a little check by the selection.
– The « Off » options are now highlighted when loading cheats.
– Default directories for BIOS (system dependant), SRM, BRM, Save States, Screenshots, etc.
– Configuration settings for the various settings and paths to BIOS/various directories (like Kega).
– Added option to brighten the screen (like Kega). But there is no support to save it because it is not correct for all the games (especially the games with Shadow/Highlight effects).
– Following unlicensed games now run correctly, still many more to come:
* Soul Blade
* 12-in-1
* 4-in-1
* Smart Mouse
– Regen will now create the default directories and will show a small message box when its run for the first time.
– Added a special keyword to the cheat files called « Default » this will auto-enable cheat options.

For example:

Name=Infinite Lives
This will enable the second option (since counting from zero) for this cheat.

- Added option to reload the cheat file in cheats dialog box. I did this because my cheat editor was very buggy and did not save the cheat file correctly. Now the user can easily edit the cheat code with their favourite editor and reload the cheat file instantly. Note that all the enabled cheats will revert back to being off except those which were auto-enabled with the special "Default" keyword.
- When there is no history to be displayed, nothing appears when hovering over the File History sub-menu.
- Fixed "Disable menu shortcuts" option.
- Fixed "Reset to default keys" option.
- Fixed a minor bug in command line code.
- Option to shorten the path in the history to game name only. Only changeable through the ini file by
setting ShortHistoryNames to 1.
- Removed the empty file history slots when less than 5 games have been played.
- Cheat Window is a bit bigger now (on request).
- Fixed Port 2 controller being saved on Port 1d. And possibly others.
- Fixed buzzing sounds when disabling sound mid-game.
- Netplay option has been disabled in this release because it was way too buggy.
- Text engine uses a bit smaller font.
- Regen now directly creates and sizes itself to the last position instead of creating at center and moving to the last window place or resizing itself.
- Minor fixes and tweaks.
- Many, many, MANY new cheat files added (thanks to King of Chaos).
- Fixed many typos in the ReadMe file. Thanks to Adam.
- Some more things which I forgot.

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