Nouvelle version de cet émulateur d’Amstrad CPC dont voici les nouveautés:

Changes from ver. 3.9e to 4.0:
– Added ‘autotype’ and ‘autotype’ console
– Added parameter ‘autoload’ to include in javacpc.ini
This boots the given name or |CPM at startup (Useful for CPCLoader from Troels K.)

Changes from ver. 3.9c to 3.9e:
– Added 4 command-buttons:
With these buttons you can enter some commands directly to the emulator.
Also you can type on on-english keyboards the @/| key. (Shift and this button gives the |)

Changes from ver. 3.9 to 3.9c:
– Built-in an ‘OSD’ – button on top
This button enables / disables the OSD.
The value will be stored to javacpc.ini

Télécharger JavaCPC v6.7 (2,6 Mo)

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