Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sega Megadrive dont voici les nouveautés:

* Implemented the highly requested « SuperHQ » option in sound settings. Enabling this will result in highly accurate sound and very close to real thing.
But it will also slow down emulation so you must have a fast enough PC. Sound rate will automatically be set to 48000 Hz.
See Sonic 1, Sonic 3D intro, Vectorman intro, X-Men intro and nearly all games for the difference in accuracy and quality.
I am trying to make it as accurate as Kega Fusion. And if you have something to tell me about YM2612, it is highly welcomed Smile.
Do tell me if it is still inaccurate including the game in which it sounds wrong.
* WAV dumping modified so that it works correctly in SuperHQ mode.
* Rewrote major part of DirectSound code to fix the static in sound on some computers.
* No need to restart the emulator after changing sound rate.
* Changed 68k timings a bit. Fixes « California Games ».
* Improved VDP write timings. Fixes Double Clutch menu (no flickering anymore).
* This time really fixed the sprite masking code. Fixes sprites appearing above HUD in Vectorman and Streets of Rage.
* Improved VBLANK timings which fixes X-perts.
* Updated SVP emulator.
* Following unlicensed games are now supported. As always Autofix Checksum must be *enabled*:
– Lion King 3
– Super King Kong 99
* Fixed the following reported bugs:
– Regen crashing if « Brighten » enabled without any game loaded.
– Backspace key not working to toggle Turbo Mode.
– Cheats not being unloaded when loading a game after another game.
– Hard/soft reset, power off crashing emulator when no game is loaded.
– Having sound disabled for most of the game until you reactivate it, doesn´t re-enable sound.
– Using the taskbar button for Regen doesn´t always autopause gameplay. It keeps on playing minimized.
– Regen doesn´t create srm files properly if you load new game without power offing previous running game.
– Country submenu not setting the right region.

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