Stella est un émulateur Atari VCS 2600 multi-platforme, releasé sous licence GPL. A la base le projet a été développé pour Linux par Bradford W. Mott, cependant de nombreuses personnes ont rejoint l’équipe de développement pour porter Stella sur différents système d’exploitation comme AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, GP2X, OS/2, MacOS, Unix, et Windows (ouf!).

-Fixed M6532 RIOT timer emulation. More testing is needed, but the changes so far have fixed several ROMs that didn’t work before.
– Fixed issue with weird characters in the debugger disassembly when loading .lst files.
– Fixed bug where entering the debugger for 4A50 and E0 carts caused the ROM to be frozen afterwords.(source:
– Removed logic whereby starting a ROM from something other than the built-in launcher wouldn’t allow the user to go back to the ROM launcher.
– Fixed bug (hopefully) with the app icon not showing on the Stella window. Further testing is needed, since I can’t duplicate the error myself.
– Fixed default snapshot folder issues; the folder will now be automatically created in the same place as state folders, ini files, etc (whereever that may be for your platform).
– Re-added ‘lastrom’ functionality, where Stella will remember and auto-select the last ROM that was successfully launched in the ROM launcher.
– For Stella developers, fixed SpeakJet emulation so it compiles again. No improvements have been made to the emulation itself, though.

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