Créé à l’origine par YopYop, ce projet est maintenant continué par la Team DeSmuME, soit 17 dévellopeurs quand même (on s’étonne malgré tout que ce projet ne soit pas plus évolué que No$Gba vu que DeSmuME était le plus performant au début et vu le beau monde autour aujourd’hui).

– Save State As function now works. [Jeff B]
– Recent Items menu now works. [Jeff B]
– Opening NDS files from Finder now works. [Jeff B]
– Added screenshot feature. [Jeff B]
– Added preferences. [Jeff B]
– Many more strings are translatable now. [Jeff B]
– Default screen color is black (better represents being « off » and easier on eyes at night). [Jeff B]
– Added sound. [Jeff B]
– Now is a universal binary. [Jeff B]
– Leopard resolution icon added. [Jeff B]
– Added a Japanese translation. [Jeff B]
– Added an optional status bar (resize handle no longer overlaps screen). [Jeff B]
– New ROM Info and About DeSmuME windows have been added. [Jeff B]
– Fixed several bugs in window resizing. [Jeff B]
– Added FAT image support for homebrew games (thanks to TypeError). [Jeff B]
– Key config can be changed on the command line. Save/load hotkeys changed (so expose doesn’t override). [Jeff B]
– Key bindings may work better on non-US keyboards now (needs testing). [Jeff B]

– Fixed possible segfault in ROMReader on ia64 and amd64. [evilynux]
– Fixed a crash bug with 2D background corrupting memory [shash]
– Flag check optimization [carlo_bramini]
– Applied some endian fixes in GPU (thanks to Phazz) [Jeff B]

– Added DeSmuME version in about dialog. [evilynux]
– Updated website url in about dialog. [evilynux]
– Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Dreampeppers99. [evilynux]
– Better desktop menu entry following FreeDesktop specifications. [evilynux]

– Updated website url in about dialog. [evilynux]
– Better desktop menu entry following FreeDesktop specifications. [evilynux]

windows port:
– DirectInput control interface with joystick support [CrazyMax aka mtabachenko]
– Matrix and Light viewer [Acid Burn]

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