Une nouvelle version de ce bon émulateur SNES est disponible derrière le duo ZSNES/SNES9X, voici les améliorations :

– Memory map: Added a hack for Batman: Revenge of the Joker, an odd ROM with LoROM memory map and ROM info block in the 2nd 32k bank
– Memory map: Fixed behavior of command-line options -fi (Force interleaved) and -fn (Force non-interleaved) on non-split ROMs when -fl or -fh also used
– Memory map: Fixed behavior of command-line options -fl (Force LoROM) and -fh (Force HiROM)
– Timing: Added a hack to eliminate the world map flicker on Final Fantasy 6 until timing is improved
– Source: Cleaned up some parts of the source and altered makefile to help portability
– Sound: Reevaluated and adjusted sample ranges to increase output volume
– GUI: Added options for independently stretching the emulation display output in the horizontal and vertical directions
– Other: Added blitter support for the stretch options in 16-bit screen modes
– Render: Added full mosaic effect to modes 2 and 4, 16×16-tile backgrounds with offset change
– Sound: Re-enabled pitch-modulation
– Sound: Changed the BRR sample decoding to a new method based on information from Brad Martin, helps sounds in several games (Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man 7, Mega Man X, others)
– Render: Improved performance of background rendering in modes 5 and 6
– Configuration: Reordered screen modes due to new stretch options

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