Shash a realisé un build de cet émulateur de Nintendo DS, améliorant pas mal de chose, disponible sur son site.

– Added « high-level » check for DMAs and Timer for minor (really minor) speed up [shash]
– Changed instruction execution to 16 at a time blocks, gives up to 33% gain (tested and stable) [shash]
– Really minor memory access speed up (mainly added for clarity) [shash]
– Added transparency and fixed material alpha support and alpha testing on the 3D core [shash]
– Changed how depth initial values are calculated (fixes SM64DS skybox) [shash]

Windows port:
– Removed the bug report link with a define, to avoid reports from betas/external builds [shash]
– Added the version on window bar to recognize versions from screenshots [shash]

Site Officiel

En savoir plus…