Nouvelle béta pour cet émulateur de commodore amiga.

– fixed IDE emulation crash
– uae-configuration problems with some config entries
– pointless feature: 68881/68882 available in 68000/68010 modes (cycle-exact or more compatible not allowed at the same time)
– warp-mode didn’t work in fullscreen mode if display refresh rate was set to « default »
– restoring statefile that includes one or more directory harddrives or uaehf.device hardfiles didn’t restore uae boot rom properly
– some vsync tuning
– pause sound immediately when entering GUI
– maprom « shadow » ram moved to 0x0f000000 (no more conflicts with extended ROMs or incompatible Cloanto Kickstart ROMs)
– hardfile state restore freeze fix (Picasso96 statefile support not yet updated)
– Picasso96 hardware sprite DirectDraw surface is now allocated only once (instead of dynamically re-creating when shape changed)
– gfx garbage in mixed non-interlaced and interlaced modes should be finally fixed (maybe. for example Pinball Illusions scoreboard in hires-mode)
– totally broken interlaced doublescan modes fixed
– « The Diagnostic 2.0 » by Logica (Amiga diagnostic replacement ROM) keyboard detection fixed. Checksums added to ROM scanner.
– do not send initiate and terminate power-up key codes after restoring statefile
– floppy sounds also supported in pluginsfloppysounds directory
– JIT GUI changes, removed useless force checkbox, direct/indirect switching should work as designed again

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 5 (3,7 Mo)

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