Nouvelle béta pour cet émulateur de commodore amiga.

Beta 15:
– autoconfig emulation update, fixes AR3 (broken) autoconfig code that detected non-existing ram expansion at 0x00600000-0x009ffff
– modified directdraw fullscreen mode fallback code
– Picasso96 hires hardware sprite problem fixed. It was emulation problem after all.. (I really need new brown paper bag soon)
– Picasso96 hardware sprite resolution switching problem should be really fixed now. (lots of logging can still happen after alt-tab, this will be removed later)
– disk insert/remove tweak

Beta 16:
– winuaebootlog.txt and winuaelog.txt (if enabled) is written to crash dump file automatically
– uncapture mouse when paused if in windowed mode
– release only non-enabled input devices when mouse is uncaptured and release all devices when focus is lost. This makes WinUAE’s behaviour more Windows-like (input is read as long as program has focus)
– « Match host and RTG color depth if possible » set and 24-bit fullscreen Picasso96 mode selected -> use 32-bit native mode
– fixed corrupted Picasso96 hardware mouse cursor in 8/16-bit modes

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 14 (3.8 Mo)

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