Il s’agit d’un émulateur NES pour Windows créé par Martin Freij. Cet ému dispose de plusieurs fonctions bien sympatiques comme le Game Genie, VS System, Famicom Disk System, player de son NSF, sauvegardes/Slots, patch IPS, enregistrement video/audio etc…

Shell Additions:
– « Don’t show again » checkbox in DIP switches popup window.
– Soft-patching status in image info dialog.

Shell Changes:
– More descriptive error messages.
– Refactoring.

Shell Fixes:
– Netplay file opening error leading to crash.
– Recent files locking bug on exit.
– Last visited image file directory bug on exit.
– Esc not working sometimes when disabling dialog controls (Windows™ quirk).
– Crash on cancel when exporting to AVI.
– Correct screen height with NTSC filter when exporting to AVI.
– Typos in GUI.

Core Additions:
– Core API documentation in HTML through cppdoc.
– UPS patching format support.
– Database lookup on soft-patching.
– Database entries. Info from Bootgod.
– More recognized boards. Info from Bootgod.

Core Changes:
– FDS saves through UPS instead of IPS.
– Database entries. Info from Bootgod.
– Refactoring.

Core Fixes:
– FDS file saving bug.
– NTSC burst phase incrementing bug.
– Potential memory leak in database loader.
– UTF16 to wchar_t portability fix in XML parser.
– Const-correctness bug caught by GCC 4.0.

Télécharger Nestopia 1.40 (1,3 Mo)

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