Gememulator 2008 est la dernière version béta pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST/TT/800.
SoftMac 2008 est la dernière version béta pour cet émulateur de Macintosh pour Windows.

Les nouveautés:

– For use on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Vista Service Pack 1, and the Windows 2008.
– Gemulator 2008 is NOT supported on Windows 95 or earlier. Use Gemulator 2000 for use on legacy Windows platforms.
– You can run Auto Configure again to reset your settings and scan for ROMs. Most existing GEM2000.INI settings files from Gemulator 2000 will read correctly, but you are best advised to simply reset your settings.
– Atari TOS image files should be named TOS.ROM, TOS.IMG, or MAGIC_PC.OS and placed either in the same folder as your GEMUL8R.EXE program, or in the directory specified during Auto Configure process.
– Gemulator 9.0 is now compatible with EmuTOS, the free Atari ST open source TOS alternative. However, only the 192K and 256K images are supported, with the CPU setting in « Auto » or « 68000 » modes only. The EmuTOS ROM image should be names something like ETOS.IMG or as one of the released filenames such as ETOS256US.IMG.
– Macintosh Plus ROM image files should be named MAC.ROM or MACPLUS.ROM and similarly placed in one of the two folders prior to the Auto Configure process.
– Gemulator 9.0 supports all versions of Atari ST, Atari STE, Atari Mega ST, Atari Mega STE, and Apple Macintosh Plus ROMs.
– Gemulator 9.0 will detect but may not properly run Atari TT, Atari Falcon, or Macintosh ROMs beyond the Macintosh Plus model.
– Gemulator 9.0 uses a redesigned version of the 68040 flags emulation code to eliminate use of the x86 « LAHF » instruction which is known to be slow on certain x86 hardware and emulation architectures. The technique now used is a variation of the lazy flags scheme described here which now allows for easier portability to 64-bit Windows.
– Gemulator 9.0 uses a redesigned guest-to-host memory translation scheme so as not to rely on host page fault exceptions. There technique now used is described here.

Télécharger Gemulator 2008 + SoftMac 2008 (v9.0 beta 4) (1,1 Mo)

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