Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nec Pc Engine dont voici les améliorations:

+ This will be an important talk for the future of « PC Engine(TG16) »
emulator. Please read though it is my not good English Language.
+ « Ootake » is not satisfied with « the game was able to be started ».
« The game can enjoy even ending » is a target. Therefore, Ootake sticks to
detailed reproduction. Especially, it sticks to the reproduction of
« Reactive speed of the Joypad ».
+ Please do seriously and compare the Shooting & Action game by
« MagicEngine(Charge) » and « Ootake(Free) ». Perhaps, almost playing by
« Ootake(the delay after the pad is operated is minimum) » will be able to
take a high score. I think the difference of the operation feeling to be
+ This greatly influences « Played happiness », too. Though it becomes
a severe opinion, it will not be able to enjoy the game enough by
« MagicEngine(the delay from the pad operation to the reaction is large) ».
The delay also has danger of making it to the one to which even
« Evaluation of the game » was mistaken. Therefore, « Ootake » is checked
always severely « Whether it is possible to enjoy it by the sense similar
to a real machine or not? ». Because it is a respect of minimum to a past
masterpiece « PC Engine(TG16) » game.
About the delay measures of « Ootake »
+ There are no feelings that criticize « MagicEngine ». I think that it did
wonderful work. But, it greatly delayed the development of « PC Engine »
emulator compared with other machine(NES,SNES,GENESIS,etc.) emulators.
Because the monopolized (even the BAD ROM-image could be played)
« MagicEngine » was « Source closed-door ».
Other machine(NES,SNES,GENESIS,etc.) emulators has developed greatly by an
excellent source code and information on hot people.
+ Fortunately now, « Mednafen(Free) » and « Ootake(Free) » exist. Those
reproduction level is higher than « MagicEngine ». And, they keep disclosing
the source and information.
I feel that it is time when « MagicEngine » also discloses the source and
information if « PC Engine(TG16) is loved. This is my selfish hope.
Because the continuance of development can be handed over to young people
who love retro game.
« Even future generations keep telling an old masterpiece with perfect
reproduction. » I think that this is essence of the emulator.
+ Thank you for reading. Hereafter, they are update details of v1.49.
– « Set Other SystemCard image » and « Play with Other SystemCard » were added
to « CD-ROM » menu. « System card of an old version » can be set (It is
possible up to two), and it can be started at once.
– « Play with Backup-RAM Full » was added to « CD-ROM » menu. The state that the
capacity of backup RAM becomes full is reproduced, and the warning screen
of each game can be seen.
– The processing part of ADPCM sound was brought close to a real machine. In
« Urusei Yatsura », the warning voice full of the capacity of backup-RAM is
sounded to the last minute.
– When « Arunamu no Kiba » is started, the message of « Recommend Install » is
displayed. (« CD-ROM->Install(CDspeed-up) » menu) Then, it is possible to
play with stability.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

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