Nouvelle version de MamePlus avec des explications concernant le développement de l’émulation:

– Why did you remove M68k ASM core support?
it’s out of date, and it’s NOT faster than C version, it doesn’t worth the effort of keeping it.

– Why did you remove NeoGeo console support?
no, we didn’t. select region/console mode in Options – Misc – BIOS, the 2 « AES » BIOSes are for console. previous implementation in the in-game menu is more convenient, however, driver-specific code being pulled into mame core is not the proper way.

– Does MAME Plus still support hiscore.dat?

Les changements:

– [MESS] sync with 0.125 svn r2567 [Emuman]
– fixed official mame inputport bug in sf2ce bootlegs [Creamymami]
– fixed sfzch sprites [Creamymami]
– [MAME] sync with 0.125 [YuiFAN]
– updated Simplified Chinese list (0124u5_0505) [kof2112]
– catlist v0.124u5 [s_bastian]
– [neogeo] fixed gfx glitches with AES BIOS [XingXing]
– updated Japanese list ( [mamelist jp]

Télécharger Mame/MameUI Plus! (x86) v0.168 r5272 (31,6 Mo)

Télécharger Mame/MameUI Plus! (x64) v0.168 r5272 (32,8 Mo)

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