Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
* Joystick emulation added. Emulates the standard Microbee Joystick. The
joystick is also able to be mapped to Microbee keys permitting games and
other applications to use joystick controls.
* Added joystick select and enable option –js.
* Added Microbee joystick options: –js-clear, –js-mbee, –js-up,
–js-right, –js-down, –js-left, –js-fire, –js-play1, –js-play2,
and –js-spare.
* Added joystick to keys mapping options: –js-klist, –js-kbd, –js-kk,
–js-kb, –js-kset and –js-ksel.
* Added EMUKEY+J+K (or EMUKEY+J ) hot keys to select a joystick key map
set. K is ‘A’-‘Z’. First 26 sets are selectable from keyboard, 256 sets
are available in total.
* Added EMUKEY+J+0 (EMUKEY+J <0>) disables Microbee and keyboard mapping for
joystick. EMUKEY+J+1 (EMUKEY+J <1>) enables Microbee joystick.
* Z80 CPU speed improvements to better regulate the execution rate rather
than just per each Z80 code frame executed. This improves sound quality
but may vary between installations.
* Full screen toggle using the mouse now requires a double clicking action.
* Added –dclick option to set double click speed for mouse events.
* Added –status option to customize the status line in the title bar.
* Additional status information displayable now includes joystick, tape in,
title, sys, serial, print, short/long drive and others.
* Added –title option to set a custom title name.
* Added –spad option to set padding between status information.
* Added –basram option to use SRAM instead of ROM at 0xA000-0xBFFF.
* Added –pakram option to allow a PAK location to use SRAM instead of ROM
at 0xC000-0xDFFF.
* Added –netram option to use SRAM instead of ROM at 0xE000-0xEFFF.
* Added PAK1-PAK7 ROM PAKs for 2mhz model emulation. Use OUT 10,n followed
by an EDASM command to select.
* All PAKs are now preloaded when emulator starts up.
* Added function_joystick() functions.

* File name matching in win32 fixed in a function that returns the next
directory entry. Was only able to match file names that used all lower
case. CP/M support program HOST2CPM should now work.
* Options –rom2 and –rom3 overrides did not load any ROM images.
* Teleterm model keys are now associated with the Teleterm keyboard.
* Added two missing compile conditionals ‘#ifdef USE_LIBDSK’ around where
disk.dg.dg_secsize is used in fdc.c. Needed when compiling with LibDsk
* Fixed an endianess issue in function_stdio() function for the ‘putchar
* PIO potential mode set problem discovered when adding joystick code.

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