Gaelco a décidé d’offrir les roms de World Rally, une excellent initiative !

The desire to Gaelco S.A. to release the code of the World Rally I, has been that all players who contributed to this game was a Hit, can from today has to relive those moments back from the sofa of his house.

From here on behalf of all we thank all those who have come true that I run the World Rally in our PC This would not have been possible without the selfless efforts of Manuel Abbey and Elsemi among others.

We must also censor and isolate those opportunists who are already thinking through forums such as converting the generosity of Gaelco SA, a lucrative business for them, building code for commercial purposes which has released free Gaelco SA. These people become such generosity in suspicion, bringing the upcoming collaborations could be affected.

From here our most sincere wish that you enjoy the game.

A télécharger sur place.

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