Quelques news concernant le travail de Stroff sur le système Namco NA1. Ce système fut utilisé par des jeux Arcade releasés en 1992 et 1993.

I’ve unraveled some of the last few mysteries of Namco’s NA1 system hardware. The « rotate and zoom » layer so far appears to only be used by a single game, Emeralda.

The single oddest feature I encountered was a spriteram attribute that causes the palette to be interpretted in a radically different manner. This fixes the onscreen score text in Emeralda, which, now that it is correctly emulated, features color gradients and anti-aliasing. This same effect could have been accomplished more-or-less equivalently with the standard -rrrrrgggggbbbbb palette. I’m baffled as to why hardware designers and software would have implemented the feature in such a roundabout manner. A screenshot featuring the corrected colors is featured below.

Ci-joint un screenshot du jeu Emeraldia proposé par Stroff :

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