Quelques nouvelles du coté du développement de FBAlpha, et tout particulièrement du driver Taito :

Been doing some work on the Taito drivers recently. I’ve added a module to handle all the IC chips and also a module to do all the common helper functions so the drivers are now a lot tidier and easier to maintain or add new games to.

I have added Dead Connection, Dino Rex and Growl to the Taito F2 driver.

I have also rewrote the PC080SN and PC090OJ emulation now supporting row scroll and double width. The misc Taito drivers (Operation Wolf, Rainbow Islands and Rastan) have been rewritten to support the new emulation. I have also added the non-bootleg sets of Operation Wolf and Jumping to the driver.

I’ve also rewritten the Taito X driver and added support for Balloon Brothers, Gigandes and Last Striker.

Finally I have been taking a look at Darius. This one uses the double width emulation of the PC080SN. It all works fine except the ADPCM sound (which there isn’t much of). To get that working I’ll need to rewrite the MSM5205 emulation which is probably overdue anyway!

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