De nouvelles versions de ces outils de communication sont disponibles.

mIRC v6.32:
– Added support for network-specific window position saving.
– Fixed mouse wheel handling of scrolling with high resolution mice.
– A « Check for Updates » option has been added to the mIRC Help menu to automatically check for new versions of mIRC.
– Optimized INI file handling to only update those parts of a file that have changed. This decreases file writes and speeds up a number of features in mIRC, including USB drive usage.
– Improved display speed of text in all windows.
– Fixed multi-byte text-wrapping display issues.
– Fixed and optimized a number of @window display features, including the way tabstops are handled.
– Improved unicode support in the $mp3() identifier.

Télécharger mIRC v7.52 (2,6 Mo)

Trillian v3.1.10.0:
– bugfix release

Télécharger Trillian v5.6 build 5 (14,9 Mo)