Un émulateur de Commodore C16 Plus4.

En voici les nouveautés:

– implemented IEC level floppy drive emulation; this allows access to
a directory on the PC filesystem, and supports reading and writing
.prg, .p00, .s00, .u00, and .r00 files, and some commonly used CBM
DOS commands
– the debugger window now displays the current state of TED registers
– on Windows and MacOS X the native file selection dialog is used
instead of the FLTK one; also, the last PRG and screenshot file
selected is remembered by the dialogs
– various improvements have been made to the utilities
– changed the TED luminance table to (hopefully) match the colors of
the real machine more accurately
– when recording video to AVI files in RLE8 format, some TV emulation
color effects are now also captured using additional palette colors
– D64 files with any number of tracks from 35 to 42 are supported
– new/improved GUI keyboard shortcuts
– the old file I/O hack has been removed, since its functionality is
now replaced by the IEC level drive emulation
– added Gtk+ GUI theme (enabled with ‘-colorscheme 3’ command line
– some minor bugs have been fixed

Télécharger Plus4Emu (x64) v1.2.10.1 (3,0 Mo)

Télécharger Plus4Emu (x86) v1.2.10.1 (2,9 Mo)

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