Mame Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à Mame.

* Removed option to use notepad instead of the interface.
* Removed flyername.png from the picture area. Snapshot filenames still show when scrolling them.
* Changed: History now stretches vertically when a picture isn’t available. I prefer this to having a filler image
because it optimises the history area. It’s obvious there is no picture/snap. The right click menu still triggers
above the history text (the ‘scroll snaps bar’, if you like).
* Removed: Play File…
* Fixed: snappath variable within mame player not updating until restart after changing it.
* Simplified some other areas.

1.9.0 (test)
* Changed: ‘Keep console open’ now also applies to all recordings and playback of input files.
* Fixed: ‘ctrlr’ is no longer written as ‘ (not set)’ if not using a controller cfg.
* Changed: shortcut keys for Vector options from CTRL+V to CTRL+E (so it doesn’t conflict with paste).
* Removed: Record WAV + MNG menu items.
* Added: Record AVI menu items.
* Changed: Pictures and History now share the same panel, which is aligned to the right like mame32.

Télécharger MAME Player 1.10.5 (185,9 Ko)

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