Voici la dernière version de Raine mais pour Dos cette fois !!

Anyway bad news first, there are some bugs inside. Normaly the only major bug is the emudx support which is completely broken in this version. It’s because the dx2 files are intended for sdl, and it would be a big trouble to add support for these files in allegro. So the easiest solution is to use 0.42.4 in dos for emudx !

Except that compared to 0.42.4 :
– about 30 more games
– obviously the infamous allegro bug which made the 0.43 versions unusable is fixed
– fixed a few memory issues too, it should be much better in low memory situations, and should not write a crash dump anymore when you quit !
– Compiled with gcc 4.2.2 (when 0.42.4 had been compiled with 3.2.2 !!!), so it should be a little better.
– has the numerous fixes included since 0.42.4, it’s exactly the same code as 0.50.13 except for the part specific to allegro.

The archive is much bigger, because the exe contains useless stuff like hq2x/hq3x which can’t be enabled from the gui, but I didn’t bother to remove it from the link neither. I’ll update the source later.
There won’t be a neoraine for dos though, it wouldn’t be able to read mp3 tracks, which would make it much less interesting.

Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.64.8-4 (1,7 Mo)

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