Nouvelle version stable pour cet émulateur de Commodore Amiga dont voici les principaux changements:

New features/improvements:
– Picasso96 emulation rewrite.
* Major speed increase.
* Optimized blitter operations.
* Hardware (flicker free) mouse cursor emulated.
* Picasso96 <> native switch without screen/window reopening if
old and new size matches (instant mode switching).
* Fullscreen to fullscreen switch without desktop flashing.
* Color space conversion, all RTG color depths supported in windowed
mode as long as Windows desktop has same or higher color depth.
* Simple scaling support added, fill to whole screen instead of
switching resolution. (Useful with low resolution games and demos in
windowed mode or if host resolutions like 320×200 are not supported).
* Configurable 15/16/24/32 bit color space formats.
* Important notes if slowdown is noticed:
– Select « NonLocalVRAM » in Misc-panel (if major slowdown)
– Make sure display panel depth setting is same as Picasso96 depth
setting (or tick « Match host and RTG color depth if possible »)
Color space conversion is always slower than direct match.
– Filter update.
* Scaling and centering are now more intuitive (NOTE: old settings
are not compatible).
* « FS » scale multiplier added (fill whole screen).
* « 1/2 » scale multipler added.
* Hq3x and hq4x filters added.
* Onscreen leds are not filtered anymore.
* Keep aspect ratio option added.
* Direct3D/OpenGL filters not yet updated.
– PCMCIA SRAM card emulation, includes real PCMCIA SRAM card support.
– ROM scanner byteswapped and even/odd ROM image support.
– Multithreaded AVI recording, huge speed increase with 2+ core CPUs
– Right mouse button over image selection buttons opens favorites menu
(can add/remove/edit shortcut paths to disk/rom/harddrive images).
– Sprite emulation updates, sprite doublescan support improved
(for example Fantastic Dizzy CD32 background), yet another missing
undocumented feature implemented.
– More compatible with timing changes caused by power saving features.
– Missing uaescsi.device CMD_GETGEOMETRY added.
– Debugger, GUI debugger improvements.
– A600/A1200/A4000 IDE emulation LBA48 (>128G) support.
– Input handling is more Windows-like, only release mouse/joystick/keyboard
when WinUAE loses focus (previously when mouse was not captured)
– Added 1.5M Chip RAM (A600 + 0.5M trap door expansion) and 384M/768/1.5G
Z3 RAM (configures two emulated RAM boards) configurations.
– Configuration file cache implemented, increases initial configuration
list loading speed.
– 5.1 sound settings include center and LFE channel (all 4 channels mixed)

Bug fixes:
– uaenet.device random deadlock fix, NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY works correctly.
– Gayle interrupt handling update.
– CPU emulation fixes, EXTB.L and CHK.L was 68000 (should be 68020+).
– Sprite emulation fix, Super Skid Marks hires mode cars and Marvin’s
Marvellous Adventure score/cloud interference.
– « HAM4 » and « HAM5 » is displayed properly.
– Sound emulation fix, fixes Weird Dreams hospital scene sound problem.
– More compatible CD32 state restore support.
– AGA mode sprite garbage may have appeared in some cases. (1.4.5+)
– DOS formatted HD floppy image crash.
– Rare real harddrive detection crash.
– CD32 compatibility improved (Liberation CD32)
– Display emulation fix, mixed interlaced and non-interlaced modes don’t
cause random display errors anymore, same with doublescanned interlaced
modes. (for example hires-mode Pinball Illusions)
– Autoconfig emulation update, Action Replay 3 does not detect
non-existing fast RAM board anymore.
– Many lha/lzh archives mounted as a harddrive crashed.
– Mousehack (tablet) mode works again.
– On the fly mouse/joystick switching crash fix.
– A3000 1.3 SuperKickstart works again.
– Many « non-standard » resolutions were missing in Picasso96 mode.

and more..

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