UltraMAME est un Front-End pour MAME plutot sympathique.

Version 1.97
* Greatly expanded the search for valid artwork. If there is no art for the specific game, it looks for the clone, the parent, the parant’s clone, etc. until it finds something. If still nothing, it uses « generic.png » as before.

Version 1.96
* I believe I finally have all the bugs squashed related to parsing rom sets that have no « video » section. These sets were causing a problem because they never filled in the Raster/Vector and Horizontal/Vertical arrays, causing stack overflows.
* Added realtime filtering. You can hold the P2 start button and use up/down on the joystick to show/hide clones, and left/right to show/hide horizontal games (for vertical cabs).
* Separated the list generation from the XML converstion. This allows you to customize your listinfo.xml file with tools like « ROMLISTER » (outputting back to XML) and UltraMAME will convert this file. Unfortunately, at this time the XML files that ROMLISTER outputs are not compatible with XML2INFO.

Version 1.95
* Fixed bug where frontend would crash on certain games when it couldn’t parse the orientation properly.
* Activated player 2 button to toggle between showing clones or not.
* Fixed the ListView mode which may have been broken for a while since I don’t use it.
* Fixed some more scaling/centering issues with all photos in all modes.
* Fixed it so that cabinet views are never a toggle option in quadrant IV in the ImageBrowser mode, since they are always in quadrant II already.
* Fixed quadrant II cabinet view to use ‘generic.png’ if no cabinet picture is found for the selected game.

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