Anciennement connu sous le nom de « FreeMSX » ce projet émule les MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, & Turbo-R. Son interface graphique est bien pensé et sa compatibilité légèrement inférieur a celle de fMSX.

– Installer now supports the Windows XP « Open With » feature. This is different to prior versions, where only « RuMSX » and « Disk-Manager » could share the file-extensions. Now potential problems on Windows XP and existing problems on Windows Vista are resolved in changing this behavior.
Windows 95 / Windows NT 4 is no longer supported, new minimum requirement is Windows 98 / Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 4
– Disk drive letters have been assigned incorrectly for rare configurations (e.g. HB-F1XDJ) where the Disk-ROM was located in an expanded slot with secondary slot-id different than 3. E.g. FILES accessed drive « C: » instead of « A: » (this bug was new since RuMSX v0.31)
– Added « CAS » motor indicator (in addition to FDD, HDD, CD)
– Added « Preview » support for .RuMSX save-state files
– Some interlaced modes were not rendered correctly
– Fully implemented scanline interrupt handling « F1 Spirit 3D special », « Golvelious 2 », « Bombaman » and many more games are working now!
– Fixed incomplete detection of 5th/9th sprite, so WAVES.ROM does also work now!
– Fixed behavior of VDP TransferReady flag, so « Andorogynus » does no longer have defective graphics
– Fixed Printer-emulation: subscript is now correct, printing with resolutions > 300dpi is better sized
– Added display of print-progress to statusbar (at least for emulated MSX/Epson printers)
– Fixed problems when RuMSX is started for the 1st time (MSX2: logo rendered incorrectly, …)
– Default-directory for print-file and debug-output file is no longer %TEMP%, « %TMP% or C: but « My MSX » or « My Documents »
– Fixed autodetection of « 64 in 1 » ROM, which was unfortunately ignored in the ROM-database.
– Corrected floppy-emulation to MSX Disk-BIOS semantic (all memory-aras except page 1 are unchanged during PHYDIO)
– Keyboard click is now shorter (better match to real MSX)
– Options « Use OPLL » and « Use multimedia timer » are now selected by default
– Removed several hardcoded english texts (startup, shutdown, disk properties, …)
– Added option to remember last used Joystick
– Many fixes to the configuration editor:
Configurations with an « Unknown » locale were not correctly saved in prior versions;
Configuration is handled readonly if no change-permissions are given (Vista/XP/2000/NT4);
Readonly-configurations are displayed with disabled controls;
New configurations will be saved into « My MSXMSX computersRuMSX configurations » (if available);
New configurations are automatically added to the list and selected by default
– No « Choose configuration » (initial) in case of read SaveState or Preview
– supplemental SETUP.EXE is now fully supporting Windows Vista
– A lot of internal changes for WIN64 compatibility
– Added italian localization (translation incomplete in this release)
– Added support for « Playball » samples. If available they should be provided as samplesplayballplayball_*.wav files in the RuMSX folder.
– Warning for overriding sensitive data applies to Win95/98/ME only (volume tracking driver) and is therefore displayed on such systems only!
– Moved documentation of R800 extensions from the WebPage into the manuals, where it should be persisted.
– Added SPLITROM.exe command-line utility
– Added disclaimer as requested by BAZIX – MSX logo policy
– BugFix: number of CPU cycles per screen-refresh was reversed for 50Hz and 60Hz (noticable with NEMESIS1)
– Known bug: Interrupt timed games such as « Nemesis1 » might accidentally speed up for some duration.
Workaround: see « Known Problems » in RuMSX-help.

La dernière version pour Win95 et WinNT est donc la v0.40.

Télécharger RuMSX v0.82 (7,8 Mo)

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