Un plugin gérant les joypads sous les émulateurs de PS2, créé par ChickenLiver.

– Bug that, when mouse mode wasn’t set to disabled, slowed PCSX2 window resizing and could cause crashes fixed.
– Added « 1D » force feedback option. Some devices need it checked for force feedback to work, others won’t work properly with it checked. Also added a 2D option, but as of yet, doesn’t seem to help anybody.
– I now initialize DirectInput devices later in the process of starting the emulator. Seems to get around some occasional issues with devices not being initialized correctly.
– Added a workaround for large fonts appearing in configuration screens when Windows display settings are messed up.
– Quitting with Alt-F4 should no longer change the skip mode.
– Whammy up/down buttons added to guitar page.
– « Sensitivity » label replaced with « Vibration » when dealing with force feedback. Also a couple even more minor changes to the interface.

Télécharger LilyPad v0.11.0 (2015123175709) (43,6 Ko)

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