Un émulateur de Commodore Plus 4.

– added support for using the mouse to change the cursor position in
the emulated machine, and copying text to and pasting from the
clipboard; the following functions are available:
left click: sets the cursor position
right click: sets the cursor position, and copies the selected
word to the clipboard
ctrl + right click: sets the cursor position, and copies text from
the selected line to the clipboard
shift + right click: copies text from the whole screen to the
clipboard without changing the cursor position
middle click: sets the cursor position, and pastes text from the
shift + middle click: pastes text from the clipboard without
changing the cursor position
Note that these are disabled when a display mode that hides the menu
bar and the mouse cursor is selected, or light pen emulation – which
also uses the mouse – is enabled.
– new command line option (-keybuf) for typing text of any length at
startup; the text can also be read from a file
– added machine configuration option to control the SID output volume;
this also affects the sound recorded to AVI files
– increased TED audio output level relative to the default SID output
level, for better accuracy in programs that use both types of sound
at the same time
– minor sound emulation fixes
– the process priority of the emulator can be changed from the GUI
(currently, this is only implemented on Windows)
– some utility improvements: ‘compress’ has more options now, and is
optimized somewhat for slightly better efficiency and speed;
‘p4fliconv’ automatically detects the use of the C64 palette in GIF
files and enables pixel exact reading mode, and there is a new
experimental hires conversion algorithm as well
– minor optimizations
– in OpenGL video mode, the vertical interlace effect is now also
displayed at quality 1 and 2, and quality 2 uses 32-bit textures for
improved color accuracy at the expense of being somewhat slower
(previously, both interlace and 32-bit textures were enabled only at
quality 3)
– fixed bug that prevented the emulator display from being correctly
redrawn when damaged on Windows in software video mode or OpenGL
with the quality set to 0
– a few Linux compile and link errors have been fixed

Télécharger Plus4Emu (x86) v1.2.10.1 (2,9 Mo)

Télécharger Plus4Emu (x64) v1.2.10.1 (3,0 Mo)

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